About RCG

Roth Consulting Group is certified by the International Coach Federation for coaching leaders in business.

We’ve gained at least a 6 to 1 and as much as a 20 to 1 ROI for our clients
…and we can prove it!

We use unique methods to develop leaders…
• Individual and group coaching
• Realistic approach for accelerating outcomes
• Greater ROI than traditional development methods

Renew Your Organization

At Roth Consulting Group, we help you renew your organization’s purpose, vision and mission. After getting to know your goals and challenges, our professionals build a strategy and help implement the actions to take you and your organization in a new direction. We focus on people who deliver results to create a successful company, and we enable leaders to take action.

• Assess organizations to bring reality to the leaders.
• Facilitate developing an action plan for desired changes and develop the infrastructure to support and sustain the changes.
• Execute the plans to move the business in new directions with the senior leadership team working together, not in individual silos.
• Help leaders grow, change and lead more effectively for long-term results.
• Enable others to correct leadership and organizational issues while creating a work environment that can change quickly to meet marketplace shifts as well as sustain itself.
• Remain with the organization throughout the execution phase to help and assure accountability.

Our Mission

Help organizations and individuals clearly see their potential, develop a plan and execute the plan with passion.

Our Values

• Listen objectively
• Be very honest and straightforward
• Simplify the issues and actions
• Take the client where they want to go.
• Always have high integrity
• Admit what we can’t do
• Be courageous


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