Measuring ROI

We develop the measures or metrics for our engagement with our clients up front. We create a picture of what it will look like, or what we will see, after we meet our milestones and our ultimate mission. You need to see a return on your investment with us. We guarantee results.

We use an instrument to measure the ROI of coaching individuals, groups and teams. Our clients have received returns from 6:1 and above 20:1 and we can prove it!

Upon our initial engagement with you we make sure we both know the desired outcomes. Sometimes we meet clients who do not have a clear idea of the potential outcomes. We clear that up with them first thing. Many times we have been able to increase or enrich the original expectations. Before we move forward, we ask questions such as:What do you ultimately want to achieve as a desired outcome?

What is impacting this situation that you’d like to see go away?

What are your short-term and long-term expectations?

What will this look like when we are finished?

How would you like to check the progress of this engagement?

There are many other questions we ask before beginning to ensure we understand the intended outcomes and can measure, in some ways, the end results. This is the way we form our partnership before we start.