This partner develops training programs for online learning as well as classroom learning. 1st Class’ reputation is well known by major corporations in the Indianapolis area. 1st Class Solutions is your best resource when you need to contract with a learning consultant to build a custom solution. They partner with you to determine the optimal learning solution(s) based on your specific business needs. Working in a collaborative relationship, they then design and develop a custom learning solution that will get people to think, act, and work more productively – faster.


They foster the skills and consciousness that enable individuals, teams and organizations to address human needs that lead to our human connection.  When the human connection is present, conflict can be transformed into creativity in real time.  By relating these skills to driving skills, we embed them into the fabric of our everyday lives.
Conscious Choosing accomplish this by partnering with and aiding organizations, companies and schools to realize a greater level of success through teaching Conscious Choosing skills to those under their supervision, in their network, employed by their company or engaged in their efforts.
By learning to respectfully address our needs and the needs of others we are able to interact more effectively with each other, no matter what our role, and to understand and take the necessary actions to fulfill life, organizational or company goals.


Face-to-Face is an established business under a new name. They have discovered that the digital world wants to communicate more effectively in non-digital ways. This organization has a clear view of how to be more effective in running a business that wants employees to be more engaged, take initiative and navigate to successful outcomes.

Face-to-Face has a series of training opportunities for any individual or organization that wants to perform at a higher level.

Presentation skill                                               Negotiation skills
Facilitation skills                                                 Sales presentation methods
Problem solving skills                                       Conflict management