CEO Coaching Skills Workshop

The Coach Right Now coaching skills workshop has been re-designed for the busy CEO. Our successful Coach Right Now program has trained over 175 executives and managers already.
Its coaching model and learning process are lauded as one of the best skill development methods in practice today.

We’ve reengineered our successful Coach Right Now program for CEOs and other leaders who need a simple, dependable and easy-to-execute coaching method that works with their style of leadership. Our new CEO Speed Coaching program provides the tools and experiences to help leaders create the desired culture starting at the top of their organizations. It provides leaders with streamlined methods for developing leadership teams, having direct conversations, and bringing out the best thinking in the people they lead.

Methods and skills to help you:bullets 2

• Coach others quickly
• Easily managing the “soft stuff” that really may be the
_hard stuff
• Align behaviors with the desired company culture
• Have more productive and meaningful one-on-one
• Discover ways of keeping your best talent
• Bring out the best in your leaders and teams on a
_day-to-day basis
• Listen thoroughly for opportunities to empower others to
_overcome their own challenges
• Ask open questions that help others think creatively,
_self-assess, and be inspired to make better choices for
_themselves and their teams
• Enhance your own standards of performance as well
_as others

The Learning Process

To encourage interactive learning led by real business use cases, workshops will match six to nine peer executives for three, half-day workshop sessions. You’ll be asked to complete a short, confidential participant questionnaire and have a pre-workshop 1-on-1 with Bud Roth, CEO and President of RCG. He wants to meet you and understand your personal style and business objectives, so he can better align the workshop to your needs. The workshop will be full of interactive learning experiences including videos, demonstrations, model and skill practice, as well as feedback from peer executives and professional coaches.

In addition, after the initial workshop sessions Bud will reinforce the learned techniques with six bi-weekly, one-hour group coaching sessions over the phone. Additionally he will hold three 30-minute private coaching sessions at your convenience in person or over the phone.

Workshop Registration

Session Target Dates: December 9, 10 & 15 for 3 half-day sessions.
[We want you to practice, then return on Dec. 15 for feedback and more.]

To register, please reach out to us via phone at 317-201-9900 or email at