The professionals at Roth Consulting Group partner with senior leaders to renew the leadership team, rethink the purpose and strategy, and implement the activities needed to succeed. If any of these questions make you feel uncomfortable, call us. A short conversation will let us know if we can help.

• Does your vision, mission and strategy seem tired or difficult to communicate?
• Is your organization stuck and having trouble renewing itself?
• Is your strategy implementation taking too much time or missing the target?
• Do your projects deliver what you expect?
• Is your leadership team working together as well as you want?
• Do you personally need to advance your leadership style to a higher level?
• Do you have trust issues in your organization?
• Do you need to take your leadership team to the next level or a leap ahead?
• Are you getting the return on your investment from your leadership development and training, if any?


We partner with organizations in the following areas by:

• Assessing people, teams and organizations to identify reality.
• Equipping leadership teams face reality and be very effective.
• Developing purpose, vision and the primary mission for the business.
• Aligning purpose and mission with strategy and then execution.
• Executing the plans over many months to ensure successful implementation and desired results..
• Creating change strategies and prepare the organization for change.
• Implementing Human Resources systems to support changing the companies culture, operations or direction.
• Organizing effective expatriate and repatriate Foreign Service practices to achieve your ROI.

Our consultants take a very realistic and customized approach to enable our clients achieve results beyond their expectations.  We help you do what needs to be done to make changes and implement your plans: we do not do it for you.  We want you to learn by owning  the solutions, being accountable and renewing your organization next time without our help.  In other words, we coach you through the change and execution process. You own the problems, the solutions and the results.