Coaching Leaders

We are certified by the International Coach Federation for coaching others in business. We typically gain at least a 6 to 1 and as much as 20 to 1 ROI for our clients. Development coaching usually requires a 6 to 12 month engagement for sustainable developmental changes. Our coaching process is structured, thorough and involves other company leaders to continue reinforcing the changes. Executive coaching accelerates development and productivity, enhances interpersonal and leadership effectiveness and improves performance to a higher level. All coaching is customized to the needs of the client being coached and the organization. We measure and guarantee results.



There are many reasons for an executive to engage a coach. The complexities of the role, culture, industry, markets etc. demand a wide variety of leadership skills, styles and competencies. Also, the changing markets, leadership, ownership and uncontrollable events usually mean that we must modify our leadership style and make other choices for ourselves. Leaders call me to help them transition to something else that is needed at the time. Some executives and business owners find that their lives are “out of whack”. They may be succeeding at work but failing in their personal lives.

The coaching process takes you, the client, where you want to go. It brings self-knowledge, confidence and purposeful planning and execution. Coaching brings clear vision and perspective to the leader’s situation. It also helps the executive lead a satisfying life at work as well as at home without the need of becoming two different people.

Executive coaching is a partnership with a trusted adviser who challenges the leader’s thinking and competencies with candor and heart. The coach will quickly confront the executive and also show understanding and compassion. The client and the coach work within the context of outcomes and results focusing on the issues and opportunities the client must deal with. They will share concepts, experiences and thoughts about how the future can be shaped. The relationship is completely confidential no matter who hires the coach.

The executive coach and the executive client agree on the expectations and time period at the outset of their relationship. Then, they must work through the issues, barriers and opportunities and end the relationship. The client should not become dependent on the coach. The typical time period is at least six months of formal coaching plus a few months of periodic reinforcement sessions if behavioral changes are an expectation.

Leading a large organization is a daunting professional challenge and can be personally exhausting. Although we may think we know how to move the organization ahead quickly, we may be fooling ourselves if we think we can do it all or know everything it takes to get people to move in a new direction. Executive coaching works on many levels to bring the right resources to the executive at the right time. The coach is also expected to provide the tools or the wherewithal to have the client renew themselves without the help of a coach. The leadership challenges can be accomplished without sacrificing a personal life. The coach will help the leader develop a solid plan to balance their work and life for both to be successful.


Entrepreneurs need to continuously learn how to transition their business to the next level. We help you learn when to transition to working on the business rather than in the business in way that sustains the growth progress. We have experts to bring in at the right times to share their knowledge. Each cycle of business development requires different expertise. Organizational development is a process; we coach, mentor and pull the CEO and the people through the changes necessary to be successful. All of our experience and talents identify the readiness of the organization to make changes without creating emotional chaos.