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  • Take Actions on Your Dreams

    September 3, 2013, by , Posted in Coach Right Now!, 0 Comment

    We recently bought a 23.5-foot sailboat. We are enjoying sailing as we continue learning more about how to sail. The purchase was almost impulsive. Of course, I use a sailboat as a metaphor in my book, Be More Productive-Slow Down, so I’m intellectually drawn to sailboats. But, we bought the boat because we want to shift our life style by sailing more than 2 or 3 times in our life. ...

  • Taking Care of Yourself. Challenges You Face.

    June 25, 2013, by , Posted in Be More Productive - Slow Down, 0 Comment

      Focus When you feel that you are straying off course or your thoughts or activities are scattered and you have trouble piecing the “puzzle” together, then your stress level is out of control. That’s bad stress as opposed to healthy stress. Healthy stress might be summed up as: “I feel energized and passionate about what I do. That’s why I work hard or get into work early. I am not sacrificing ...

  • More on the Dangers of Multitasking and Some Solutions

    June 4, 2013, by , Posted in Be More Productive - Slow Down, 0 Comment

    The following research proves that multitasking can actually impair brain functioning. “If this sounds more like an affliction than a resume booster, that’s because research has shown again and again that the human mind isn’t meant to multitask. Even worse, research show that multitasking can have long-term, harmful effects on brain function. In a 2009 study, Stanford researcher, Clifford Nass, challenged 262 students to complete experiments that involved switching among tasks, ...

  • Peer Coaching: The best way to learn together

    May 14, 2013, by , Posted in Leadership & Management, 0 Comment

    Group coaching has been a part of my coaching and consulting practice for about 8 years. This is a powerful method of coaching others at the same level in any organization. Peer coaching usually starts with a group of leaders who want to develop themselves to a higher level. Peers share their needs, ask for help and develop a plan. The group helps them execute the plan. Each member learns ...

  • Why do companies lose their best talent?

    May 10, 2013, by , Posted in Leadership & Management, 0 Comment

    I read the article by Eric Jackson in Forbes this week. Eric listed the Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail to Keep Their Best Talent*. Here they are, but I have edited some for speed to understand the items.     Big bureaucracy     Failing to find a project to ignite the passion in the person     Poorly prepared performance reviews     Lack of career growth discussions     Shifting priorities and whims     Lack of accountability ...

  • Client Learning to Coach

    April 25, 2013, by , Posted in Coach Right Now!, 0 Comment

    I just left a client where I was explaining the difference of mentoring versus coaching.  I explained that mentoring was more telling and sharing what you know: teaching others what you know…more “pushing”.  Coaching is meant to bring out the best in someone or a team by asking questions for them to uncover what to do going forward, owning the decision and taking action…more “pulling”.  This manager’s first response was ...

  • Research Proves Multitasking Can Be Detrimental

    April 3, 2013, by , Posted in Be More Productive - Slow Down, 0 Comment

    Paul Pearsall, PhD, wrote in Toxic Success, “Anyone who brags of being a multitasker is confessing to being a sufferer of toxic success syndrome. Research indicates that multitasking is another nave for attention deficit disorder and lack of productivity and effectiveness.” The article, “Drop that BlackBerry! Multitasking may be harmful,” on described the impact of multitasking based on a study by

  • Multitasking leads to Mediocrity

    March 13, 2013, by , Posted in Be More Productive - Slow Down, 0 Comment

    Multitasking leads to busyness. Don’t multitask! There are now volumes of research that proves multitasking is bad for quality of work, stress, and proper brain functioning. Completely focusing on the task at hand, without interruptions, generates speedy conclusions, as well as good results. By the same token, focusing on speed, trying to think about too many things at ...

  • Busy is not a synonym for Effective

    March 6, 2013, by , Posted in Be More Productive - Slow Down, 0 Comment

    Work is where we usually relate to productivity and speed, since we are measured by these elements. Let’s look at the work environment to understand the importance of purpose, planning, and slowing down. Speed and simply accomplishing tasks may be busyness that satisfies the desire to check things off our “To Do” list. However, priorities must drive activities in the work environment. If you aren’t working on meaningful activities, you may ...

  • Schedule time with yourself

    March 2, 2013, by , Posted in Be More Productive - Slow Down, 0 Comment

    Frequently we think that there's not an opportunity to slow down to figure out what is creating this stressed out feeling that we are out of control. The time to slow down, of course, is when we don’t have any time to do so. “What a predicament! How do I get control of my life?” I have a number of suggestions, but let’s first discuss one:  Schedule time with yourself. Block ...

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