Team Coaching

There are many different types of teams: Leadership teams, High performance team, Steering teams, Virtual teams, Short-term or Long-term project teams, Self-directed teams etc. Different teams need to be developed using specific methods that meet the objectives of each team. The Roth Consulting Group, LLC has a variety of methods used by a wide range of qualified coaches to help teams develop and perform faster and more effectively than if they are left on their own.

The methods we use are the “coach approach” to developing teams. There are other methods of developing teams. We think that our method is the most effective. The coaching process stays right with the team members while they are doing the work that they need to do. There is learning, then practicing what you learn while performing your responsibilities. The team must learn to work using 21st century technology in an ever changing environment. Teams need to stay updated with work methods as well as resources to include expert talent. They need to leverage the talents of individuals within the group and create synergies of thinking, innovating and delivering. They need to be accountable to the team as well as themselves.

One of the biggest advantages to the “coach approach” to team effectiveness is that the coach stays with the team for months until they can function on their own or until the project is completed. The development is not an event or training program where the participants execute what they learned on their own. Coaching guarantees a ROI for the coaching and a successful team by helping the team “grow as it goes”.

The team members also learn how to coach other teams. This is an expectation of the coach. We want others to help other teams with the skills and techniques they learned and used. Internal coaches can also be trained to coach project teams. We train other coaches as well as coach teams for high performance and effective leadership.